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Schematic Design

The Architect works with the Owner to develop the parameters which will guide the design.  Produce preliminary level drawings to convey the design to the Owner and prepare a budget of the anticipated construction cost. The Architect prepares Measured Drawings of the existing conditions if necessary.

Design Development

The Architect produces drawings to develop the design: plan and elevations drawings are refined, cross-sectional drawings are prepared, various details are studied and designed, and finish materials are further described. 

Construction Documents

The Architect prepares the drawings, specifications, and contract documents for bidding, permitting and building construction. 

Bidding AND Negotiation

The Architect assists the Owner in selecting reputable contractors, obtaining bids, reviewing bids, and executing the Owner – Contractor construction agreement. 

Construction CONTRACT Administration

The Architect acts as the Owner’s agent during construction by observing the work for compliance with the Construction Documents, reviews change orders and the Contractor’s payment applications.

*Services described above may vary based on the scope of the project. 

7 Keys to building project

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7 Keys to a Successful Building Project