Architects are licensed design professionals that adhere to a high level of professional conduct & standards, perform continuing education to stay on top the latest design & building concepts, and keep their clients best interest in mind.

Whether designing and building a residential or commercial project, it can be a difficult and complicated process full of pitfalls.  Architects have a unique set of skills through their education, training and experience that allow them to successfully guide their clients though an entire building project from beginning to end.  They help clients focus their ideas into a design that meets their design & budget goals and act as the client’s agent during construction guiding them through the process.

Because good design matters – A well-designed project will be tailored around a homeowner’s lifestyle or the specific needs of a building’s user.  Good design does not necessarily mean more expensive; it means: bigger is not necessarily better, efficient use of space, nice proportions, distinction, and creative use of materials.

Anyone planning to renovate, add an addition or build new construction, even for a modest project, should consider working with an architect.